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Would you like a toolkit of career strategies that create a career brand important to career progression?

Would you like to understand more about the nature, dynamics, and impact of unconscious beliefs and how they impact career opportunities, progression, how you approach your work, and satisfaction?
Would you like to recognize what transformational leadership looks like and become that leader?

 Would you want to participate in a workshop that is highly interactive, engaging and not your typical  professional development workshop?

 If you want to increase personal and organizational development, contact me to say, "count me in!"  Share this website with your organization's decision makers and tell them you know where to get training for professional branding in support of employee growth and engagement.

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Workshop Reviews

The following samples reflect the high praise participants give the workshops.  

"Deborah was very knowledgeable and she had many examples for the course."

"Speaker knows her information."

"I do not usually give a straight excellent [rating], however, this is how much I enjoyed this course."

"I loved everything about this! It's given me a different outlook on my professional life."

"Speaker was great.  Deborah knows how to keep people interested in what she was saying.  Small personal stories were great. The entire workshop gives you many things to think about"

Strategic Performance Systems is ready to bring this event to your area or organization.  It is just as valuable to organizational excellence as it is to participant career strategies.  Let's schedule a workshop!

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