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Performance Culture and HR Consulting

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​Deborah Heater, President - CEO, Strategic Performance Systems has a strong desire to help your organization be the best it can be. 

​Building a culture of excellence is as much an art as it is a science. You have to create a quality organizational framework, secure and retain quality talent, and empower teams to manage operational systems. Your organization’s success is measured by the degree to which you meet the needs of your stakeholders, internal and external. The challenge is in the details and all the potential obstacles ​between good intentions and actionable strategies. ​ 

There is a synergy needed between leading your employees and managing your operational systems. Transformational Leadership is the foundation for organizational change and success. She has more than 27 years of experience advising organizational leadership on systemic challenges and sustainable improvements. 

Deborah and her team know that a broad definition of diversity is a business imperative and inclusion is an organizational strength that positively impacts innovation and problem-solving.   Deborah has taught leadership and inclusion strategies for more than 20 years.  

She has worked in a variety of organizations that include state government; K-12 and higher education; non-profits, state government, and municipalities. Some of her most rewarding work involves staff development and work cultures.   She is also proud of affiliations with nonprofits engaged in work that recognizes what is great about people regardless of their status or circumstances.  Participants in her career workshops have come from business, government, and nonprofits. 

​Compliance related to HR policies and regulations are crucial to avoid distractions and potential financial sanctions.  As an attorney, she addresses issues to reduce exposure to liability for flawed employment practices.

Deborah was a founding advisor and a Master’s Degree program at Northern Kentucky University's College of Business.  The Degree in Leadership and Innovation was originally the Executive Leadership and Organizational Change Master’s Degree program with a focus on emotionally intelligent leadership and cohesive teaming cultures, 

Given the many issues you must attend to on a daily basis, you could use some help. The goal of Strategic Performance Systems is to be a trusted advisor and build a productive partnership with your organization and provide value-rich consulting services where you need them most.

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